Sport should be fun enjoyable accessible inclusive diverse

Our mission is simple: to help people realise the power of sport to build a better, fairer and fitter society. We envision a world where everyone is free to pursue their passion and enjoy sport.
About half of all people do not currently participate in sport, with a whole third not being physically active. This is a growing crisis which contributes to issues like obesity and health inequality. It’s also true marginalised groups l are the ones who suffer most.  They are too often ignored. We are here for everyone, we are Here For Sport. 

But what does Here For Sport do?

Founded in 2019, Here For Sport is breaking down barriers to participation in sport. 

We make sport more inclusive by making it more accessible to everyone. Instead of focusing on educating people about sports benefits, we assume people know that already. What stops them enjoying sport and reaping the benefits are the numerous barriers in the way. 

Our focus is on understanding the barriers to participation preventing people from enjoying sport. 

The work of Here For Sport is split into research, advocacy and outreach. All three pillars are essential to help us break down barriers to participation and create long-term sustainable change. 

Sport is a force for change, we are Here for Sport. 


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